5 Steps to Reduce Small Business Fraud

Many small- to medium-sized businesses do not have the budget or the resources to employ a robust anti-fraud team. They rely solely on your expertise as an anti-fraud professional to help them in their fraud prevention and detection efforts. Your knowledge is the basis for their anti-fraud initiatives, and it is our goal to provide you with the latest tools and education you need.

To help you spread your message about how small businesses can reduce fraud, we would like to share this exclusive video, “5 Steps to Reduce Small Business Fraud” with you. We hope that you find these tips valuable and that you are able to pass them on to your clients and colleagues.

There are several ways you can share the video. You can download an MP4 version to post on your website or in a newsletter, or you can use this link when sending to others. We hope you find this resource helpful when working with small businesses, or even when reminding your own staff and colleagues about the steps to take to reduce fraud.


James D. Ratley, CFE
ACFE President and CEO