July 2013

ACFE July luncheon shawn murrayAloha Termite owner Shawn Murray gave our luncheon attendees a rare public discussion from a victim of fraud.  His former office manager, JoAnn Rodrigues, a longtime friend and his son’s godmother, stole close to $1 million over a three-year period.  Murray nearly lost his company, filed for bankruptcy, reduced his staff and cut pay for remaining employees. Since then Murray’s wife has been in charge of the company books.

 His continuing challenge is his desire to trust his employees, while acknowledging that there is a need for additional controls.  Our members provided him with valuable advice about protecting his interests so as to better provide for his employees over the long term.  In addition, he was reminded that controls exist to help his employees make the right decisions. Murray noted that he did not expect to have any takeaways from making this speech, but was excited about writing down some of the ideas he was given.

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